Stefan H. Strehl – Project manager point of view

Stefan H. Strehl – Project manager point of view.

Captain, project manager & surveyor, with more than 40 years of experience and the world travelled over, is highly active in the industry of super yachts and mega yachts.

We have had the opportunity to catch up with him, share opinions and discuss everything related to the forum at the Yare event 2017 in Viareggio / Italy. Meeting place for 100 captains from all around the world and some of the most important company’s in the sector.

He kindly agreed to answer some questions for a small interview.

Arnaldo: “Stefan, first of all thank you for sharing your time to answer our questions”
Stefan:” “It’s a pleasure Arnaldo.
Arnaldo: “What was your first trip as captain?”
Stefan: ” “My first command was on a Tanker owned by Snam/Agip
Arnaldo: “How did you start to get involved in new build projects?”
Stefan: ” “I was first involved in new build projects for commercial ships and went from there into the superyacht industry as this is way more challenging in terms of quality, finish and more sophisticated systems onboard.
One should realise that building a superyacht is far more complicated than a normal commercial ship, there a differences like day and night.
Arnaldo: “What would you change in the industry to improve efficiency in your work”
Stefan: ” “It would be more easier for everyone involved in this new building business to be a bit more welcomed by some shipyards that tend to start arguments with the project managers onsite concerning the quality and finish of their works, they are basically tend to treat us as unwanted persons there that in their opinion delay the finish due to some of their complaints.
They should be grateful to get free ( the owner pays us) advice from professionals that worked in the top shipyards worldwide and some could really benefit from that.
Arnaldo: “What recent innovation do you find most interesting?”
Stefan: ” “Hydrogen fuel cells and zero emission propulsion and energy systems. 
Arnaldo: “In few words:”
Arnaldo: “Aluminium or steel?”
Stefan: ” “Depending what you are building, a fast cruiser or a heavy displacement yacht with Ice class!
Usually both is a good compromise.
Arnaldo: “Sailing or motor?”
Stefan: ” “For me both, but depends on the size……too big i would prefer motor.
Arnaldo: “New construction or refit?”
Stefan: ” “Depends really on the owners budget, preferences and obviously on a sound
and healthy Yacht that is worth refitting.
A lot of money is wasted by wrongly advised owners that burn their hard earned money on refit projects that are really not worth the effort and lose a lot of their investment when they once decide to sell.
Great importance on refit projects are a proper analysis of the yacht and a top
rebuilding specification with an accurate overview of budgets.
Arnaldo:”Thanks again for taking our questions we wish you all the best and hope to see you again soon.

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